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Our Services


Our advocacy services empower our clients to amplify their voices both independently and collectively.  Rooted in a commitment to enhancing public policy and fostering systemic change, we work with our clients to author a comprehensive advocacy strategy that includes awareness, collaboration, thought leadership, and political engagement.

Public Policy

Key to a successful advocacy strategy is having a strong grasp of the current public policy landscape.  As such, our team undertakes a thorough analysis of current and proposed public policies and authors a series of recommendations for our client's consideration.  Collectively, we then work with our clients to create a legislative agenda.

Government Relations​

Once a ‘Legislative Agenda & Advocacy Strategy’ has been authored, we then work with our clients to engage policymakers and elected officials to influence government decision-making.  The scale and scope of our work can range from authoring position papers, to attending meetings with key actors, to preparing our clients to speak at public hearings / appear before parliamentary committees.

Strategic Communications and Media Relations​

Strategic communications plans are a fundamental pillar of public affairs services.  Therefore, we work with clients to author messaging that can be utilized across various platforms to ensure internal and external audiences alike are always fully informed.  As an extension of our strategic communications activities, we also develop strategies targeted towards the media. From authoring press releases to managing media interviews to organizing and executing press conferences, we understand the importance of a strong, well-managed narrative.

Stakeholder Engagement and Coalition Building​

Relative to our client's objectives, our firm ensures that relationships are built and maintained through open lines of communication with all relevant influencers, pressure makers, and decision makers.  From community groups, to NGOs, to business associations, our firm prides itself on building authentic, integrity-based relationships that have proven to yield positive outcomes for our clients.  As an extension of our stakeholder engagement activities, we also work with our clients to build coalitions with like-minded individuals and organizations to amplify their message.  Ultimately, we here at Alliance use a variety of methodologies – from townhalls to digital engagement tools – to ensure stakeholders are afford a variety of opportunities to engage with our clients.

Crisis and Issues Management

Another fundamental pillar in any public affairs undertaking is risk mitigation.  Accordingly, we work with our clients to identify, prepare for, and manage potential crises to mitigate negative impacts and safeguard reputations.  From high-level procedures to a comprehensive crisis response plan, we ensure our clients have the necessary tools and supports they require to navigate challenging situations. 

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