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Meet Justin P. Goodrich...


Justin P. Goodrich, LL.M.

Managing Partner


Justin P. Goodrich is a public affairs executive and university lecturer.


He began his career in public affairs as a sole-practitioner in the fall of 2008 before founding Alliance Public Affairs Group in the summer of 2016.  During that time he has been a senior advisor to c-suite executives and elected officials, and has provided services to various levels of government, the public services sector, the non-profit sector and Indigenous organizations.


Additionally, Justin’s background also includes community-based media as a columnist, as well as a television, radio and podcast host.  Furthermore, he has done keynote speaking engagements throughout Canada and the United States, as well as Hong Kong and Singapore.


Academically, Justin holds credentials in both the social science and law.  He began in the social sciences obtaining undergraduate credentials in both media & communications studies followed by political science.  He then went on to earn a Master of Laws in Diplomacy & International Law from Lancaster University.  With a deep passion for education, Justin uses his law credential as an adjunct faculty member at Adler University — Canada’s only university dedicated to social justice — where he teaches both public policy and international justice studies.


Finally, Justin’s background includes an extensive history of volunteerism dating as far back as his adolescence.  Indeed, by the time he was in his mid-thirties Justin had served on over two-dozen community, non-profit, political and academic boards and committee.  Most notably, he is the former chairman of the board of governors of a local university.


Justin is a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, and holds both Canadian and British citizenship. 

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