Strategic Communications

Narrative Development, Audience Identification and Engagement Methodologies

We create a customized communications strategy that takes in to consideration your narrative, your publics, and the methodologies (tactics, timelines, technologies, etc.) that will be used to ensure that both your primary and secondary stakeholders are properly engaged.  Simply put, a strong narrative targeted to relevant audiences and delivered using a tactical blueprint will ensure optimal engagement.

Public Policy Analysis

Naturally, strategic communications and public policy oftentimes go hand-in-hand.  For that reason, one of the first steps that we undertake is a review of current public policies, as well as the historical voting records of key influencers.  Upon the completion of our analysis we then use the information to help guide your communications strategy inclusive of drafting new policies when appropriate. 

Media Relations, Spokesperson Training and Press Conferences

We create a customized media relations strategy inclusive of press releases, prepared statements, talking points, social media hits, etc., thereby ensuring your organization is well prepared to engage the media and the public.


Additionally, we provide spokesperson training that includes both message delivery and media engagement (i.e., responding to question, be they in-person, over the phone or via email).  By providing these services your spokesperson will always be prepared to engage the media, thus, delivering your message efficiently while mitigating reputational risk.  To date our clients have included, but have not been limited to CEO’s, Executive Directors, Board Chairs, Mayor’s and Cabinet Ministers (provincial and federal).

Issues Management,

Media Monitoring and

Crisis Communications

Every day our team monitors both traditional and electronic media platforms to ensure our clients can respond to emerging issues in a timely manner.  Despite best-laid plans, there are times when issues arise and responding to those issues quickly and efficiently is key to ensuring our clients remain in control of their narrative. 


Further to the notion of ‘best-laid plans’, we also recognize that from time-to-time a crisis may emerge.  This is why our team of dedicated professionals will prioritize your situation and make themselves available to provide counsel on how to best address the crisis.

Threat Analysis and

Risk Management

Identifying threats and mitigating risks are key when creating a communications strategy.  As we develop your narrative, identify your audiences, and determine what communications methodologies we will adopt for your customized communications strategy, we will also be walking you through a series of questions designed to help ensure there are ‘no surprises’.


From discussing historical issues to exploring potential resistance, we will ensure that any potential threats / risks are taken in to consideration; both for the purposes of pre-empting those issues that are in our control and preparing for situations that may arise outside of our control.

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