Stakeholder Engagement


Strategic Planning

Stakeholder Identification and

Coalition Building

Outreach Strategy and

Public Consultation

Key to successful stakeholder engagement is planning-out a process. Therefore, our first step will be to sit down with your team to do a comprehensive assessment of your needs, as well as identify your desired outcomes. After, will do our own assessment of your organization/situation to determine what opportunities and/or risks may be present that ought to be considered.

Activities and

Online Platforms

Press conferences, round-table discussions, open-houses, and moderated community forums are among the most common stakeholder engagement activities – all of which we are able to organize and implement in concert with your team.


Additionally, we are pleased to have a strategic partnership with Civil Space – an online civil engagement software tool that helps foster a healthy dialogue while building trust with your publics along the way.

In conjunction with the strategic plan, our team will also work with you to identify all primary and secondary stakeholders that should be engaged, and to outline the different methodologies that could be used to engage them.  Further to this step, we will also assist in generating a list of influencers and organizations that may be willing to stand with you as you tackle whatever issue and/or policy you have identified.

Further to a strategic plan that identifies both stakeholders and allies, the next step in the process is to create an outreach strategy.  This strategy should allow for two-way communication between you (the client) and those you are seeking to influence (your publics).  These outreach strategies should allow for engagement, and ensure feedback is being generated and thoughtfully considered so that your publics know they are being heard.

Tracking, Data and


At each step our team will regularly revisit the strategic plan and discuss with you what, if any changes need to be made to ensure we are adapting as appropriate.  Additionally, by collecting both quantitative and qualitative data (in particular through our online platform) we will create interim reports to ensure you are aware of how each step in the engagement is unfolding.

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