Speakers Bureau

(Keynote* Seminar** Both***)

Justin P. Goodrich, LL.M.

[Leadership, Motivation and Communications]

- Choosing Resilience: Shaping the Narrative of Your Life*

- So What? Why Your Narrative Matters!*

- Three Key Attributes of a Successful Leader*

- Communications & Public Relations**

- Crisis Management & Media Relations**

Ian Martens, MA


- Crucial Conversations for Every Organization* 

- Cross-Cultural Communications**

Michael D. Sambrook, MA

[Leadership / Organizational Development]

- Why Should Anyone Follow Me?*

- Taking Care as a Leader: 

Caring for Employees Without Taking Care of Them**

- The Heart of Organizational Leadership:

       The Coalescence of Authority, Power & Influence

and their Results on Employee Engagement**

Judith Lewinson, BA

[Social Justice / Corporate Citizenship]


Coming soon!

PJ Prinsloo

[Emotional Intelligence]

- Life is a Game! Motivation, Values and Human Behaviour*** 

Ray Sawatsky, MA

[Non-Profit Organizations / Philanthropy]


Coming soon!

Caitlyn Therrien, MA

[First Nations / Multiculturalism]

- Indigenization of the Workplace: Decolonizing the Workplace* 

- Multiculturalism: Where we are, Where we are Going* 

- Why Cultural Diversity? Eliminating the Self vs. Other Dichotomy* 

- Cultural Diversity in the Workplace** 

- Socio-Cultural Wellbeing: Understanding the Culture Around You**

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