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Executive Team


Judi Lewinson

Senior Partner


Judi Lewinson (aka, JudiLew) joined Alliance Public Affairs Group in the fall of 2023.


A proudly BIPOC woman, Judi is fiercely committed to the craft of multi-disciplinary and intercultural storytelling, communications, and engagement. 


From wielding the pen to commanding the stage, Judi has been involved in shaping the creative, social, and political endeavours and engagements of some of today's most prominent influencers and decision makers.


With a passion for bringing people together, Judi’s ability to mindfully blend multiple worlds through intercultural communication and engagement has made her a trusted advisor to elected officials, political candidates, NGOs, and corporations.  At the root of all her work is a desire to create a better world that seeks to have all persons thrive.


In addition to her work in the field of public affairs, Judi’s background includes almost three decades in the entertainment industry.  Highlights include two Emmy nominated titles, a coveted Peabody award winning documentary, and a host of other industry honours.  Her eclectic and illustrious career reflects her insatiable commitment to community building and has led her to undertake a range of projects throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the West Indies.

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