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Provincial and National Affairs

Here at Alliance we are passionate about municipal affairs.  We recognize that some of the most significant, urgent matters facing a community can be addressed through municipal government. We work with clients to help them lobby municipal government by navigating the entire political process; from strategic planning to public hearing.  

Narrative Development and 

Stakeholder Identification

When engaging in government relations we are using many of the strategies, methodologies and tools that are used with respect to strategic communication and stakeholder engagement.  We will help ensure your narrative is strong and that all relevant primary and secondary stakeholders are identified.

Perhaps one of the most overwhelming things clients sometimes have to do is present before a governing body.  Whether it be at a committee meeting or in Chambers, the reality is that it is not uncommon for some to feel overwhelmed.  At Alliance work with our clients in advance to assist them with the preparation and delivery of reports / presentations.  Additionally, we coach our clients on proper protocols / etiquette / etc.

Notwithstanding any lobbying we do at the municipal level, at Alliance we see ourselves primarily as advocates.  When a client is in need of lobbying provincially or federally we assist them by providing guidance around both direct and grassroots lobbying.  However, we ourselves do not engage in lobbying activities; rather, we empower our clients to lobby directly!



It has been said that knowledge is power, and we could not agree more!  The team at Alliance will spend the necessary time to research policies that are relevant to whatever subject matter our client needs us to engage.


Moreover, with each of our team members possessing no less than a graduate degree, we have the necessary academic experience to produce position papers and briefing materials; tools that empower our clients to walk in to any meeting well-prepared and confident.

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