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Strategic Planning Retreats



Whether it be for internal or external stakeholders, strong facilitation ensures that all parties - regardless of positions, biases, etc. - are given the opportunity to be heard through a well-facilitated process that focuses on respect, transparency and fairness.

Professional Development Seminars

One of our greatest passions is teaching.  Though we are always willing and able to assist clients with their needs, we also believe that assisting clients to create internal capacity is our way of empowering them for future challenges.  We work with clients to create customized seminars – rooted in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement and government relations – for their team.

It has been said that a vision is only as good as the plan that accompanies it.  Alliance able to facilitate a strategic planning retreat that will help organizations identify both short-term and long-term objectives, we are also able to guide organizations through a series of activities that will ensure best practices both with respect to structure and communications.

In addition to our team members, Alliance also has a network of other professionals  whose areas of expertise we can tap-into when necessary.  We have a group of speakers who can address the following issues: Leadership, Motivation and Communication; Interpersonal Communications; Social Justice & Corporate Citizenship; Emotional Intelligence; Organizational Development; Philanthropy; and First Nations / Multiculturalism.

Governance Audits

With a specialization in non-profit agencies and First Nations organizations, Alliance has extensive experience assisting clients with their constitution & by-laws, and policies. Additionally, Alliance assists clients with creating a 'Competency Matrix' and establishing 'Terms of Reference' for committees.

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